Fifty Shades Freed

Nov 07

Fifty Shades Freed

EL James wraps up her kinky trilogy in a completely satisfying way. Thanks to the gals at school, I was hooked up with Fifty Shades Darker (part deux) and Freed (the finale). I enjoyed the first book; I sort of pushed through the second and third installments; part of me enjoyed the mindless storyline; part of me read with a gripping fear of overly descriptive butt kinkery. At the end of the day, you mostly want to shake Anastasia for putting up with Christian’s issues. He is forgiven time and again. If he were not gorgeous and rich, this would be one hands down creepy stalker story. The sex scenes were very descriptive, some of them great to read aloud to your brand new husband. Mostly, it amounted to me yelling downstairs: “He’s spitting drink into her mouth again, Honey.” I totally understand how these books caught on like wildfire; the story is fast moving, exciting, dangerous, and a literary guilty pleasure. If you have the time, Ana and Christian’s freaky love story is a perfect way to spend your upcoming Thanksgiving break. Just like the Pilgrims envisioned.

On a personal side note, I would like to thank the author for my upcoming niece or nephew.

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