Fantasy Football Sucks! Fantasy Football Rules!

Oct 20

Well, Week 6 in the NFL is a wrap.  My stats (fantasy football-wise) are as follows:

IDP League with the boys at work:  2 Wins, 4 Losses.  I am ridiculed on a daily basis.

GridIron Challenge with the Brothers:  13th place out of 17.  I am ridiculed on a daily basis.

Last Man Standing: 2 leagues left this week, knocked outta both like a 1-2 combination punch.  Thanks Philly.  Thanks Jets.

Montana League: 5 Wins and 1 Loss.  I talk no smack.  Yet. 

Money League:  3Wins, 3 Losses.  Hoping for more stability with a Texan heavy team.

Real life:  My Bucs are 0-6.  Getting ready to go to Londontown to play the Pats, who put up 59 on Sunday.  Anyone thinking they can reel off 100 against my poor Bucs? 

Not the best football season, but football is like sex.  Bad football is better than no football.

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