Empire State – Big Stein’s Deli

Apr 12

Empire State – Big Stein’s Deli

Due to the proximity of Big Stein’s Delicatessen to my home, I shall count myself a lucky sandwich eater. I have gone to Big Stein’s (9001 4th Street North, St. Petersburg) for countless sandys over the last several years. The guys working there are invariably helpful and friendly, and the Rays games are always on during the season. The restaurant is small and fairly lacking in decor, but this is one great place to stop in and grab some quality items. Since I am now fortunate enough to have found The World’s Best Husband, we always get two sandwiches and share. Priceless. My selection was the Honey Chicken Wrap. This tasty treat was filled with a huge amount of excellent chicken breast, bacon, cheddar, lettuce, tomato, and a yummy sweet honey mustard dressing. It came with a little cole slaw; usually my wraps come with a pickle, on this day no such luck.

I loved it; I will probably go back to my stand-by, the Veggie Wrap.  That one is my favorite wrap of all of the wraps in all of the land.  I like to cheat on said wrap about once a year; I always go back.

The Empire State is one of Big Stein’s Monster Triple Deckers.  This sandwich is as big as the New York skyline.  We opted for the Marble Swirl bread (amazingly fresh) and instantly fell in love with the blend of turkey, brisket, lettuce, tomato, onion, and mayo.  You have to see this bad boy to believe it:

I am equal parts proud and disgusted that we finished both sandys in one sitting.  If you live in north St. Pete, stop on by and grab some dinner for your family.  The place is open until 6 Monday-Saturday, and delivery is available.



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