The Other Einstein – Marie Benedict

Jan 16

The Other Einstein – Marie Benedict

This book is a work of historical fiction. Author Marie Benedict attempts to unravel the history behind Albert Einstein’s first wife (and mother to his children) Mileva “Mitza” Marić.

Mitza is of Serbian decent and crazy smart. I like the untold stories of women who were fascinating in their own right, but were overshadowed by men (much like The Paris Wife.) Mitza is born with a limp and an aptitude for physics. She planned on never marrying.  She met Albert and suddenly dreamed of having it all; love, a family, and someone to create new scientific theories with. The dream was probably real and fantastic, for awhile. The book definitely questions exactly how much influence and input Mitza had on several of Einstein’s famous theories.

Sadly, as was the case often in earlier times, Mitza’s brilliant career was cut short by motherhood. I was left wondering what she may have accomplished on her own had her path not crossed with Einstein’s. We may never know the full truth, but it is an interesting speculation.

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