Dunderbak’s French Connection – Mr. Dunderbak’s

May 25

Dunderbak’s French Connection – Mr. Dunderbak’s

I discovered this German restaurant in Japan.  Let me explain.  Last week, I won a gift card to a sushi place called Takara from Blaire . I was immensely excited, as I had been drooling over the menu items on their website.  That was a fantastic experience.  Takara is located in the world’s most magical foodie lover’s strip mall.  I speak the truth.  The line-up in this little place on Bruce B Downs includes Takara, Jersey Mike’s, Acropolis, and Mr. Dunderbak’s.   Two nights after my amazing sushi experience, I traveled a few doors down to the land of my paternal grandfather.

The minute you walk into Dunderbak’s, you are immersed in a European Biergarten.  Everyone is friendly, and you have entered the land of beer.  They even boast an electronic beer list.

You can sit family style at long picnic-type tables or opt for smaller tables scattered around.  We sat at a smaller table close to the deli.  Said table was full of many mustards to choose from!! I do love my condiments.  The unmarked, spicy/sweet/chunky was my favorite.

After ordering a Hofbrau Dunkel for me and a Draft Sprecher Rootbeer for the Husband, we began to study the extensive menu.

Any time I come across fried pickles on a menu, my appetizer order is a no brainer.

My Sweetheart ordered the Veal Weiner Schnitzel.

He chose the warm German potato salad and the potato pancakes with applesauce.  Those pancakes were amazing.

Let us get to the sandwich.  I know I should be fired as a sandwich connoisseur and partial German for ordering a sandwich called The French Connection at this venue, but my gamble paid off.  Genoa salami, smoked German Westphalian ham, German bologna, imported Swiss, lettuce, tomato, and my new favorite sandy glue, garlic chive cream cheese.  The sub roll all of these savory ingredients arrived on was fresher-than-fresh.   It was so huge, I saved one half for the next day.

I maybe had one more beer.  And sent a sweet waitress on a fruitless hunt for a size large t-shirt. And a piece of Black Forest cake.  And chair danced to the live Akkordeon player.  Mr. Dunderbak’s….you have a new sandwich eating fan.
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  1. Not sexist /

    Wait you order a beer and your husband gets rootbeer…. you need a new husband. I mean come on, the beer list at Mr Dunderbak’s is extensive, there must have been something he liked?

  2. Sandwich Gal /

    Correction….I ordered two beers. 🙂 He had some studying to do later that day. And…the rootbeer there is delicious!

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