The Dread – Russell B. Crites

Mar 08

The Dread – Russell B. Crites

dadThere is no greater joy, for a book-loving gal, than reading a book constructed by your own father. What an incredibly sublime experience. The Dread is the story of Luke, an alcoholic who cannot deal with any sort of real-life tragedy. Sad, terrible things befall Luke. Luke, in turn, hides deep in the booze. What my Dad always taught me was that real life would be right there waiting for you when you sobered up.

This succinct tale follows Luke from his car-loving high school days, to Vietnam, then a fortuitous party,  a doomed marriage, a stint on the railroad, and a bout or two with cancer. I could hear my Dad’s voice throughout the story, as there were shades of his own life everywhere. I sincerely enjoyed the way that some of the characters were painted; I could definitely picture Old Gar the engineer with his deep and booming voice and “Miss Skin and Bones” at the local newspaper office.

I had a hard time sympathizing with Luke after a certain point. He actively participated in a heinous act (albeit during a War; but for some egregious deeds I have no forgiveness) and he was pretty much a crap son, father figure, and husband.

Luke shows us all that you can run, but you can never hide from your own sweet self.
I am so proud of my father. He battled his own demons and came out victorious.
Also……..HE IS AN AUTHOR!!!!!!!

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