Dirty Roast Beef – Gulf Coast Po’ Boys

Dec 10

Dirty Roast Beef – Gulf Coast Po’ Boys

This delicious sandwich came my way via Foursquare and the fine folks at Gulf Coast Po’ Boys (312 W. Bay Drive, Largo, Florida, 33770). I was doing a bit of Christmas shopping at the Largo Mall. The best boyfriend ever was bored and decided to use Foursquare to find us a local sandwich shop. Foursquare pointed us in the direction of an amazing little piece of Cajun Heaven. The restaurant is super small; one table and a few stools inside and four quaint tables outside. We snagged an outdoor table and headed in to order at the counter. The gentleman helping us was very friendly and also made a key ordering suggestion. I love that….especially when it is a place I have never been to before. I knew immediately I wanted to try the Dirty Roast Beef.

Our Po’ Boy guide directed us toward the Cajun Andouille. Both sandys were top notch. The roast beef on mine was marinated and had about 72 layers of flavor. The bread was just the right amount of crunchy and squishy. (These are technical sandwich connoisseur terms.) Topped with the freshest lettuce and tomato, it also came with a side of Creole Mustard (yum) and Cajun Mayo (to die for). The Andouille sandy also came with a homemade tomato salsa. That is 4 sauces for 2 sandwiches if you are doing the math. If you know me, you know I love to dip, so bonus points right there. Both sandys came with potato and cole slaw….more bonus points (I love it when a sandwich comes with sides!). This is my favorite kind of place: Homey (included in the meal were warm sodas in one cooler, cups of ice in the other, help yourself!), Expert (menu guidance), Clean, Friendly (the nice man also told Spencer “No Tips!!!!??!!”) and, above all, food that delivers. If you dig quality sandwiches, head to this place. Now.


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