Digital Fortress

Dec 31

Digital Fortress

This book is by Dan Brown, he of The Da Vinci Code fame. I should also note that it was published in 1998, in a pre-9/11 world. This story is based on and around the National Security Agency. Someone has created a code that is able to bypass the NSA’s indomitable code breaking machine, TRANSLTR. The consequences of this would be global in spectrum. Enter the dream team of Susan Fletcher, the gorgeous and smart code breaker, and her boyfriend, David Becker, a professor at Georgetown and a foreign language specialist. 128 chapters means that the story is told in a fast and furious fashion. It was like reading an action packed movie. The technology in this story was right up there with the dinosaurs. Texting alone would have changed the face of the plotline. Some of the computer programming jargon was a bit sleep inducing for this gal. Overall, a solid read due to Mr. Brown’s aptitude for weaving together characters, science, international venues, and attention holding scenes.

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