Dexter is Delicious – Jeff Lindsay

Nov 30

Dexter is Delicious – Jeff Lindsay

Dexter is trying to not be up to his old tricks in this fifth installment by Jeff Lindsay. Per my previous review of this author, I have a special place in my heart for the wickedly quick witted Mr. Lindsay and his memorable main character. There are some huge differences between the book and the popular television series. I am a giant fan of both; reading the book during the current season was a self challenge to see if I could keep my stories straight. No problem, as they are decidedly unique. It is near impossible to not picture Michael C. Hall whilst reading, however. This book finds Dexter as a new Daddy, with, gulp: Actual Human Emotions!! I love Dexter in the Land of Self Discovery. He is fighting to embrace the light….while being surrounded by the scariest Goth kids ever (can you say cannibalism?) and a return visit from a key family member. As always, the vocabulary is vast and cutting, the visual imagery disturbing, (second guessing this as my Thanksgiving break read due to the eating of the humans), the story quick paced, and the originality inspiring. Dexter is in fact delicious…literary style.


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