Dexter is Dead – Jeff Lindsay

Jan 06

Dexter is Dead – Jeff Lindsay

This is the eighth and final chapter in the written world of the Dexter series. I may have to go back and read Dexter’s Final Cut, somehow I missed that installment by the genius Jeff Lindsay. Picking up this story is like meeting up with an old friend. An old, psychotic, highly intelligent and unwittingly hilarious friend. I love the story of my literal first introduction to the author. Mr. Lindsay has a very unique and succinct story telling ability, and I simply love the cadence of each and every paragraph. “Aha. It’s daytime. I slept through the night, and lo! The sun has riz.” Every word choice is more perfect than its predecessor.

I was a huge fan of the television series, and I love how the books and the show were so different, yet equally good. After recently watching Six Feet Under, Michael C. Hall should star in every series, ever.

At the beginning of the final chapter, we find Dexter in jail, framed for murders that he actually didn’t commit. Dexter’s lack of emotions and acerbic wit remain intact, even as he fights against the false claims. His sister Deb, ever ready with the eff bombs, is no longer his ally. His brother Brian, a man with a similar dark side, becomes Dexter’s only hope at proving his innocence. That assistance, of course, comes with a steep price.

The ride is wild and violent, a befitting exit for America’s favorite serial killer.

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