Date Night Atlanta: Romantic Restaurants

Jan 12

Date Night Atlanta: Romantic Restaurants

I have been married to my husband for over three years. We still happily date each other. In my mind, dating means exploring new experiences with an overlying theme of romance. Spencer is hands-down the most interesting, intelligent, funny human being that I have ever met; why wouldn’t I spend as much time as possible hanging out with that guy? In my mind, a date also needs to be planned. Between medical residency, my new job, and becoming acclimated to a new city, these date nights also offer beacons of hope during the long days apart.

Eating out isn’t our only date-night activity, but we are a foodie couple, to be sure. Here are my most romantic (and delicious!) finds thus far in the ATL.

We’d only been in the Dirty South for a few weeks when we celebrated our anniversary at Canoe.

Canoe The husband and I enjoyed our third anniversary at this lovely restaurant alongside the Chattahoochee River. The service and the view are five stars for sure. We were looking for a romantic setting and this fit the bill. The food was pretty spectacular. We shared a Chartcuterie & Cheese board that was top-notch. My husband’s Slow Roasted Georgia Rabbit was perfection. I chose the Pork Tenderloin plate; I wanted to love it but it was served lukewarm.

The Popcorn Ice Cream Sundae was the best dessert I have ever eaten. The only problem was that this place is LOUD! Not just a little bit bustling, but over the top noisy. I felt like our waiter actually had to shout explanations and favorite choices. We will definitely be back to try the patio/outdoor area this summer, I am thinking it may be a little more quiet out there. Imperial Fez So unique, this restaurant offers up authentic Moroccan cuisine. The Doc and I were seated next to each other on low chairs with pillows. The atmosphere is dark, exotic, and perfect for a date night. Guests are encouraged to eat with their hands. The husband is a germophobe; I think his favorite part of the night was when they washed our hands AT THE TABLE. I thought he was going to burst with enjoyment.

B’Stella-So tasty.

We then had a 5-course meal; the soup and appetizers were amazing, the entrees a bit too sweet for my taste, and the tea and dessert course perfection. It is a little pricey, but we happily paid for the experience. It’s not every day I get to shove singles into a belly dancer’s belt while eating lamb. Iberian Pig We were at a book fair the first time we stumbled upon this restaurant. We had a glass of sangria and a dessert and decided we just had to come back for a full meal and a date. I may or may not be cool enough for this ultra-hip Spanish tapas venue.

Chickpea Tots


Lamb Stuffed Piquillo Peppers

Rabbit Empanadas

Most tapas restaurants offer the same things; Iberian Pig takes those small plates to an entirely decadent and progressive level. We are also huge fans of the chartcuterie & cheese boards; the offerings are quality goodness at IP. The Sangria was solid, but you’d be better off going for a craft cocktail or a red wine from their extensive selection. Try and get a window table, the people watching in Decatur is also a treat. Village Tavern When we go out to dinner, we like it clean, classy, and quiet. We usually avoid chains, but this restaurant was new to us, so we made an exception. Village Tavern turned out to be a solid choice.

Dip Duo

The Alpharetta building is stone, the fireplace burns brightly, and the art on the walls is chic and homey. They offer a vast array of American style dishes, all using the freshest ingredients.

Cheers to surviving a 90+ hour work week!

The prices are reasonable, the food is tasty, and the staff we came in contact with were very helpful and friendly. This place is a great choice for a week-day date night.

Veggie Burger-I loved the Teriyaki glaze.

Holeman & Finch That Burger. You know you’ve heard about That Burger. Guess what? It lives up to the hype. Guess what else? It may not be the best thing on the menu. We enjoyed a quiet booth and a true “public house” experience. Our out-of-this-world waiter explained that we should let go of any ideas of specific courses; we could, and should, order at will. Plates would arrive as soon as they were ready, and sharing is highly encouraged.

Beet Risotto

The craft cocktails here are a must, and the clever names are a mere bonus for this word-loving gal.

Jack Rose-applejack, lime, lemon, house made grenadine, served up

I also sincerely appreciated not being rushed out the door; that is one of my big dining-out peeves. I would request a window table for two or a booth for date night; I saw one couple being seated at a family-style table between two families with children. Yikes. I love the kids, I do not wish to be elbow to elbow with them while I whisper sweet things to my husband. One dish seemed to be missing a key ingredient, but we never noticed until much later.

Caesar, Fried Oysters…..Pickles?

Thus far, H&F is the best food we’ve had in Atlanta.

Crunchy Lady, aka the world’s best fancy pants ham & cheese sandwich

Stay tuned for new adventures, as we continue Romancing the ATL.

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