Dark Places

May 25

Dark Places

If I were to rank author Gillian Flynn‘s books, this would come in second to Gone Girl. ( A distant third would be Sharp Objects, I was not a big fan of that particular story.) Dark Places is the story of Libby Day. Libby was just 7 years old when the majority of her family was murdered on the family farm. Libby is now an angry, scared, socially inept adult whose need for money propels her to delve into what actually happened on that fateful night. Her investigation will bring her face to face with her brother Ben, who she has not seen in 24 years. Libby also finds her long lost father, a sad gal at a strip club, and some frighteningly helpful and creepy advice from some super murder fans at the Kill Club. Libby also discovers just exactly who her mother and two sisters were, thanks to some untouched boxes filled will family memories.

Gillian Flynn expertly weaves together the trifecta of voices; each chapter titled with a character (Ben Day, Libby Day, or Patty Day, the mother) and a date stamp. I was horrified at some of the events, but I could not put this book down. The explanation of the murders and the denouement were not perfect, but they were satisfactory.

After devouring this story, I did a little internet research. Apparently, the movie has already been made, starring Charlize Theron as Libby. I am glad I didn’t know that going in;  I love Charlize, but no way could I have pictured her as Libby, who is supposedly short with huge boobs and red hair. She is an amazing actress, so I just bet she can pull this role off. It looks like Gone Girl and Dark Places will both be released in the fall; if they are both successful, Ms. Flynn will be able to call 2014 her own.


  1. Sounds like an interesting book. A friend recommended Gone Girl to me a few months ago. Maybe I’ll add Sharp Objects to my reading list. So what sandwich do you think would pair best with this book? 😉

  2. Sandwich Gal /

    Maybe some farm-to-table type sandwich?? That is kind of sick, I guess.
    For sure read Gone Girl, it is the best of her three books.

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