Cuban Reuben – Maven – San Francisco

Feb 02

Cuban Reuben – Maven – San Francisco

My third day in my new favorite city, San Francisco, was a fateful Sunday indeed. After a lively Saturday night filled with wine, Chicago style pizza, and several hyper-inappropriate rounds of Cards Against Humanity, my brother Casey and I woke up in need of some serious brunch action. As we began walking through the lower Haight neighborhood, we were greeted with venue after venue teeming with 49ers fans. So fun to be in the middle of, but our goal was food. Then the sandwich Gods smiled upon me; we walked by Maven just as it was seating for brunch. This elegant restaurant is decidedly sans TVs, so we didn’t have to fight any crowds. I am not a big fan of sitting family style with folks I don’t know; luckily we were able to snag two stools with buffer empties on both sides and a view of the enormous “living” wall behind the bar. We ordered mimosas and began to study the innovative menu.
I can never decide what I want, because I basically want to try everything. I am always thankful when a waiter or waitress offers a helpful, and in this case, perfect suggestion. I was torn between the Duck Hash and the Cuban Reuben. Our waitress made my decision for me. Thanks to her, I have one of my new top five on my all time list. Smoked Prosciutto, sauerkraut, and a fried egg were the key ingredients nestled in between two huge pieces of super fresh bread and topped with some kind of buttery/mayo concoction that I could have eaten with a spoon. It was salty, it was sour, it was creamy, it was crunchy, it was…….perfection. It came with some housemade chips.
If you live in San Franciso or you are visiting, and you don’t hit up this place, I am not exactly sure what is wrong with you. I can’t wait to go back and try some of Maven’s original cocktails (The Autumn Revivier-gin, lillet, pear, lemon, and absinthe, anyone?) and to put another Cuban Reuben in my face. Casey concurred that my sandy was about a million times better than his selection, the Good Day Omelet.
This kicked off my final day in San Francisco. We later watched the Niners beat the Falcons in an amazing second half come-back for their ticket to the Super Bowl.
This is a trip and a sandwich I won’t soon forget.


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