Cuban Burger

Jun 18

Cuban Burger

I do love it when my sweet husband takes me out to the ball game. We have been lucky enough to catch a few Tampa Bay Rays games this season at Tropicana Field. While this has been a hard season to be a Rays fan, I still love catching games, and of course checking out the food and drinks provided by Centerplate. Feel free to check out my post from last season here.

Our Uncle Robert (I have recently claimed Spencer’s family members) gave us some pretty sweet tickets for a birthday gift.

Fact: It was a rainy day.image

Fact: We saw Jeter in his last season.

Fact: We sat right behind Jerry Springer, who had thrown out the first pitch.

Fact: It took a full inning and a half to receive our order from Burger Up. image

Fact: The burger, while having delicious elements, was seriously overcooked. How does that happen? We wait for overcooked food?image


Fact: Beer is a good thing to have whilst waiting for a burger sandwich.

Fact: Rays come back after a huge deficit to defeat the hated Yankees, 11-5. Sweet. image

I have been a fan of the Rays for a long time. I love that they have implemented some fan friendly giveaways and the Summer Concert Series to try and bump up attendance. You cannot beat the concert nights: you get an MLB game and a post game concert for the price of a regular ticket. The minute they announced Weezer, I entered a state of unparalleled euphoria. Professional sports? Music that speaks to my soul? Drinks and sandwiches? Cuss yeah!image


Sadly, the Rays continued their less-than-stellar season with a loss to the Seattle Mariners. Luckily, the bookends of this day more than made up for the loss. Pre-game, their was an amazing tribute to the late, great, one-in-a-million Don Zimmer. Apparently, there is crying in baseball. I needed roughly 4 tissues before the game even started.image
The concert was just perfection, if you are a Weezer fan from back in the day. My younger brothers actually introduced me to this band when they were wee lads. The band did a shout out to St. Pete and then segued into Holiday in the Sun. Heaven.

Two side notes: poor Spencer had to listen to me sing a lot of Weezer songs, and this was also his first “non-classical” concert. Perhaps we can expect a piano version of a Weezer song someday, to pay homage and to drown out my voice.


  1. I swear we end up at the same things all the time! We were at that game, too. I love Cubans and I love burgers…it’s time I try a Cuban Burger!

    • Sandwich Gal /

      That was such a fun concert!! That is super random that we end up at the same events. 🙂

  2. Such a shame people ruin burgers by overcooking them! GRRRRR!

  3. Sandwich Gal /

    It was hockey puck-esque.

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