Aug 01


After a hard summer Monday of taking in a matinee at the local movie house, I decided to try a fairly new deli in my neighborhood, Lick’s in North St. Pete.  I hadn’t tried this place before because it has the non-friendly teacher hours….open until 2 on weekdays.  I did find out from the ultra friendly gal behind the counter that they are now also open on Saturdays from 10-2.  The name is…..odd.   The logo also has the “k” licking the bottom of the “s”……somewhat disturbing.  The menu offers everything from burgers to Italian fare to one fantastic Cuban sandwich.  (It also misuses the apostrophe s in a few places….but I will let it slide because the food was so good.)  The Pressed Cuban came with the normal pork, ham, Swiss cheese, and pickles.  Lick’s kicked it up a step by adding salami, lettuce, and tomato.  We also tried the Cheese Steak which was very good and came on a perfectly squishy roll.  Both sandys came with chips.  We also tried the extra creamy potato salad with peas and we fought over the last bite.  The sandwich Gods are now on my side…..thank you for putting Lick’s so close to my house.


  1. Allison /

    I teared up while looking at the photo. I love the Cuban.

  2. Theresa /

    This looks freaking awesome! I haven’t had a good Cuban since the 7/11 closed down. Really 7-11 has great pressed I may have to go over to LICK’S and see how it measures up! Thanks for sharing!!

  3. admin /

    I love 7-Eleven! It is my grocery store. My local branch does not have Cubans…

  4. Sandwich Gal /

    This place….is now closed for business.

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