Croque Monsieur

Apr 02

Croque Monsieur


Oui, oui, you guessed it. The Frenchies make sandys too. I recently visited the new St. Petersburg location of La Creperia Cafe. The food is fancy, the Airstream it comes out of is decidedly trailer park chic. I met up with a couple of fellow St. Pete food bloggers (Amber of  and Jenn of ) to brainstorm and feed our faces. Lucky for me, both of those gals are full of solid ideas and they possess food sharing hands.    I chose a Café con leche from the extensive and eclectic drink menu and got down to the business of ordering.

Amber went directly for the Croque Monsieur.  It was a ham and cheese sandy with a little veggie garnish.


I opted for La French Riviera.  This savory crepe was filled with cheese, chicken, artichoke hearts, tomatoes, and a white wine sauce.  This was a tasty piece of business.

Jenn, through sheer scheduling coincidence, was at La Creperia for the second time in 7 hours.  For her take 2, she went Fontina crepe: turkey, cheese, spinach and mushrooms.

The grand finale and the star of this show was definitely the sweet crepe we just had to order.  The Romeo y Julieta (I glean way too much enjoyment from pronouncing that in a horrible accent)  was filled to bursting with Nutella, bananas,  and fresh strawberries.  If you are there with close friends, prepare to do battle with your plasticware over the last bite.  We gals were on our best behavior.

There are kinks in the service (one lonely crepe maker was pumping out the dinner orders as fast as he could) but the quality is key.  I’ll definitely be heading back, make sure to check their website for coupons and punchcards.



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