Cool, Calm, & Contentious

Feb 07

Cool, Calm, & Contentious

This easy read is a collection of essays by Merrill Markoe. Once or twice a year my friend Alicia and I will perform a book swap. I then proceed to get busy and distracted by other reads. Pretty sure I have been sitting on this one for about a year. Merrill Markoe (I love alliterative names) writes about everything from her dogs (extensively) to men (painfully) to her relationship with her mother (toxically) and her career as a writer and artist (intriguingly). Ms. Markoe’s humor is not exactly my cup of tea, but I did enjoy a few of her essays. The essay titled “How to Spot an Asshole” was her best piece. Pretty sure I have dated, been friends with, or are related to many of the “Assholes” described. “Weirdly Competitive Angle on Everything?” Check. “No Way to Avoid the Many Things that they Find Icky?” Check. There was also a chapter about “Bobby”-a now famous guy she didn’t name but dated back in the day. (Google it if you are interested…I don’t want to play Spoiler here!) The best thing I read in this book was a quote in the chapter about an adventurous, female-only river rafting trip: “Why had I forgotten how much more fun it was to lose yourself in doing a thing than to watch it from a passive position?” Wise words indeed. Now….where is that paddle board!?

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