Commonwealth – Ann Patchett

May 25

Commonwealth – Ann Patchett

I went into this book blind. I saw it on a few lists and noticed it had a long wait list at the library, which is usually a good sign. Those folks know what is up, I absolutely loved this story by Ann Patchett.

A man named Bert crashes a christening, with the sole goal being escape from his own wife and children on a Sunday afternoon. What happens at that party will tear two families asunder. The book tells the tale of the four parents and the six children over the next five decades. The writing is glorious and I felt I knew every single family member by the end of the book. I come from a blended family and a lot of the life experiences that that kids shared really resonated with me. One of the daughters will later become involved with an author, who puts the family’s history to paper, forcing various members of the clan to deal with their past. Also, there is a character named Fix Keating, and that may be one of the great names of all time.

I cannot wait to read another book by this author. Let me know if you have read any books by her, I would love some suggestions for my summer reading list.


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