The Color Purple – Alice Walker

Dec 20

The Color Purple – Alice Walker

I have seen this flick countless times. I am willing to bet that I can quote most of the movie version. Reading the book fulfills two purposes for me at this time: reaching my goal of reading 50 books in 2016 and reading all of the Pulitzer Prize winners for fiction. The Color Purple is #19 for me on that illustrious list.

Alice Walker is the creator of Celie, one of my all-time favorite characters. It is hard for me to pin point exactly why I love this story so much. It just stirs up all of the feels, for real. Celie has a terrible life, one that I cannot even imagine surviving. She is beat and molested by her father figure; she is then passed off to ‘Mister’ to become his wife, of sorts. Mister has no love for her; she works, raises his children, and takes a beating if she doesn’t do what she is told. The only person in the whole world that loves Celie is her sister, Nettie. Of course, Mister finds a way to break them apart.

Celie’s resilience, humor, and ability to hope get me every time. It was interesting to read all of the nuances in the novel. Celie’s layers are even deeper and more profound in the book. Her language and views of the world endeared her even more to me. When finally seeing Shug for the first time, “I think my heart gon fly out my mouth when I see one of her foots come poking out.” There was also much discussion of God and religion. The oracle of Shug states, “Thou Shalt Not Kill, He (Christ) said. And probably wanted to add on to that, Starting with me. He knowed the fools he was dealing with.”

I loved the book just like I love the movie. Also, I sincerely do love the color purple.



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