Claudia Silver to the Rescue – Kathy Ebel

Aug 04

Claudia Silver to the Rescue – Kathy Ebel

One thing about the construction of my personality: once I start a book, I simply must finish the read. I am not sure what that says about me. On one hand, it highlights my dogged perseverance. On the other hand, I may be a glutton for punishment. Kathy Ebel’s book starring Claudia Silver takes us to an exotic world called New York City, circa 1990. I wanted to like Claudia; it is always a much more meaningful reading experience when you make a connection with the protagonist. However, in this case, Claudia is a First-Class POS. Yes, she comes from a broken home (as does a good chunk of the American public) and life has dealt her a horrible mother. Post-college she is free from her home life, armed with a degree, and ready to take on the world. Instead, she makes one horrible relationship choice after another. Her poor selections not only hurt her, but destroy jobs, families, and friendships. I just kept shaking my head at Claudia’s complete lack of compunction. Her sister Pheobe is a much more likable character; however Feebs cannot save this tale. The writing is full of esoteric and cleverly placed references(“….rolled her eyes in pity and in mirth, having been rendered instantly grotesque and agonized, ungainly, a Guernica horse.”) I actually enjoyed Ms. Ebel’s style of writing; I just couldn’t get over my complete dislike of Claudia.

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