Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang

Apr 13

Miss Chelsea Handler writes another hilarious and very easy to read book.  I can’t count the times I laughed out loud while reading this!  There was one particulary funny piece about lying in bed and crying uncontrollably while watching the Sex and the City movie.  I read this while out by the pool….maybe I laughed so hard because I have had the exact same Saturday.  Chelsea covers everything from masturbating in 3rd Grade (sheesh I was a late bloomer) to trying to get her overweight chauffeur laid to writing a whole chapter about her Dad entitled…”Dear Asshole”.  Ms. Handler’s main goal in life seems to be coming up with believable stories to tell her loved ones…that inevitably make them look like morons.  She is very relatable and she would make fabulous company; over cocktails of course!  Sidenote:  My friend Allison and I love any sort of new euphemism:  see shadoobie and coslopus.

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  1. Allison Norriss /

    OMG…. I totally forgot about the shadoobie and coslopus. Silly book.

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