Dec 18

Every time I read something by Harlan Coben I enjoy it immensely.  He has a real talent for character development and interwoven story lines.  He also always seems to throw sports in the mix!  This story centers around Wendy Tynes.  She is a TV newsreporter that does a “To Catch a Predator” type sting.  (Is it just me or are those DateLine shows the most disturbing thing on Tv?)  Her nets catch a seemingly non-predator type, a man who works with kids named Dan Mercer.  There are way too many subplots to summarize here; Mr. Coben does a nice job of bringing them all together.  The origin of the main problem was kind of weak; also the death of one of the characters seemed a bit soap box-y.  I loved the dialogue between Wendy and her son Charlie; reminded me of hanging out with my brothers when they were in high school.  Easy read, definitely a page turner, I will be happy to read anything by this author.

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