Catching Fire

Apr 19

Catching Fire

This is the second installment of The Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins.  I love reading a sequel in direct succession. I read the first book, saw the movie, then begged around the schoolhouse and got my hands on Catching Fire thanks to our resident Speech Pathologist. Catching Fire does not refer to Katniss’s hair; we are talking revolution surrounding The Capitol, folks. Thanks to a little thing called the Quarter Quell, some key characters are called back into another Hunger Games. The public and the participants are none too pleased. Suzanne Collins does a great job layering the characters and introducing new Tributes. If you loved the first installment, you’ll dig this one too. This Hunger Games ride has been enjoyable for me; my only beef thus far is the huge hotness discrepancy between the actors playing Gale and Peeta. Get it together, casting director. I am off to hunt that Mockingjay…..


  1. Mary Beth /

    I didn’t like this book as much as The Hunger Games. It has Katniss in a funk for much of the first part. She is a pouting teen until the Quarter Quell comes along and she has a mission to save Peeta. I thought the rescue from the game arena was a little confusing too, but I can hardly wait for the movie.
    Hope you find Mockingjay soon, so I can see your review.

  2. Alicia /

    Melissa has the 3rd book- she’s almost done!

  3. admin /

    And a mere 24 hours later….the Mockingjay is in my hot little hands. Thanks for hook up #2, Alicia!! Thanks to you and the local librarian. I concur,
    MB…eat some snacks and enjoy the moment, Katniss!
    Hang out with Gale, for the love of all that is Holy.
    I just kept picturing that movie The Truman Show…where it was all a reality show built in a dome. Maybe Jim Carrey can star as Beetee in the movie.

  4. My sister loves these books and is so excited for the movie!

  5. Sandwich Gal /

    I can’t wait! We are going to Cinebistro on Tuesday!!

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