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Nov 27

So, I just had an amazing week in Colorado.  I was able to watch the MNF game from the visitors’ locker room at Invesco Field at Mile High.  At halftime I danced my way through the tunnel on my way to the field.  I also took some pretty inappropriate pictures in the showers.  Christmas Card!!  I got home from Denver late last night and saw a contest on Facebook.  The basic deal was to watch a clip of Steven Stamkos (TB Lightning)….he was miked up for a game earlier this week and you were to post your favorite soundbite.  As it is “Movember” and there was a mustache comment, I went with that.  I did not know about Movember until last week when I saw my brothers Rhett and Casey embracing it fully.  The Lightning would pick a random winner today.  I just knew!!  All night and all day I was convinced I was winning those tickets.  I checked into FB at around 3…someone posted…”Did they pick a winner??”  and the answer was  “Yes…they just posted…Nikki Crites.”  Holy Balls.  Fastforward to seats in section 129…ON THE GLASS!!  Seriously…dream come true.  I saw things from a completely different angle…tape on the unis, sweat smeared on the glass in front of me, a penalty shot, OT, and a shoot out.  All garnished with Club access…free drinks and amazing food for miles; Dave Andreychuk standing next to me while a pretty boy waiter offered me free sushi; and the between period telecast right in front of me.  Feeling pretty good about my week…feeling amazing about seeing Movember up close and personal.  PS….Ryan Malone wins hands down for the best stache;  a close second is Stamkos for the creepiest.  PPS…Pretty sure my NHL crush Lecavalier has been supplanted by Victor Hedman.  I will never forget the feeling of my hand….pounding on that glass.


  1. You got tickets to the Lightning and didn’t invite me to join you? You know basketball is my favorite sport!

  2. Allison Norriss /

    You are so effing funny. I miss you and love you.

  3. Love you Al!!


  1. bill - bill... excellent info, keep it coming...
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