Breathing Lessons – Anne Tyler

Mar 01

Breathing Lessons – Anne Tyler

This Pulitzer Prize winner by Anne Tyler was not my favorite. I actually enjoyed Ms. Tyler’s writing style, I just couldn’t stand any of the characters nor could I abide the mundane story. The reader joins the Moran clan as they plug through a summer day in the mid-eighties. Maggie and her husband Ira travel to the funeral of Maggie’s close friend Serena’s husband. Throughout the car ride, Maggie drove both me and her husband Ira crazy. She is the definition of a whiny busybody. Ira is a little more sympathetic, but he is basically spineless. These two gems spawned a loser son, Jesse, and a daughter, Daisy, that doesn’t actively participate in the family. The trip concludes with a side trip to visit their former daughter-in-law Fiona and their rarely seen granddaughter, Leroy.

I hate books with these types of views on marriage. Both Ira and Maggie seem trapped and hopeless. My marriage is not perfect, but it is the source of my greatest joy. I celebrate my husband all day, every day. These two bicker, bicker, bicker and wallow in their ordinary, unsatisfactory lives. It was painful for me to push through.

On a happier note, this is book #20 for 2017 and, coincidentally, book #20 on my all time quest to read all of the Pulitzer Prize winners for fiction.




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