The Bookshop on the Corner – Jenny Colgan

Nov 02

The Bookshop on the Corner – Jenny Colgan

This story is for all of you folks addicted to books out there. Jenny Colgan has a great sense of humor. She tells the tale of Nina, a recluse living in Birmingham (and inside of books!) until she one day realizes her job at the local library is in jeopardy. She takes a huge leap of faith when she decides to open her own mobile bookstore in a tiny village in Scotland. Her dream of matching readers with the books that they need is finally realized.  Of course there are many handsome Scottish fellas and antics in this particular bucolic setting. I love books as much as anyone, and I always enjoy a book about avid readers. This book won’t change your life, but it is a great read on a rainy afternoon if you are a bibliophile.

Strangely, the book has a different title in England. There, it goes by The Little Shop of Happy Ever After. Those crazy Brits.



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