Bird & Pig – The Bricks of Ybor

Apr 23

Bird & Pig – The Bricks of Ybor

I never know what to expect when heading into Ybor City in Tampa. In my experience it is partly historic, partly cool, and partly sketchy. I was happily surprised by the fine food and folks at The Bricks of Ybor

The vibe in The Bricks is decidedly artsy with a touch of class. I also smelled a wee bit of hipster chic. The waiter we had could not have been more helpful. My sweet husband and I ordered sodas and got down to the business of ordering from the succinct and superior menu.

I am an equal opportunity nacho-eater. Our choice for appetizer was a no-brainer: The Bricklayer. Chips, jalapenos, tomatoes, queso, avocado cream, and a side of salsa. Holy, this dish is just about all that is right in the world of the mighty nacho.

Spencer ordered the Pacific Rim. It was simple and perfect: pulled pork, Asian slaw, and sweet bread. The normal sides offered are tortilla chips, slaw, potato salad, or mixed greens. For a little bit extra, you may also choose soup. The few extra dollars were well worth the amazing Tomato Bisque that came with the sandwich.

Sandwich lovers: Behold The Bird & Pig: Roasted pulled chicken, Brie, bacon, apples, agave, and pressed sweet bread. Congratulations, you just made my Top 5 Sandwich List for 2014, and it is only April. I paid a few extra bones for a side of one of the finest macaroni and cheese dishes I have ever been lucky enough to come across.


The Bricks easily gave me one of the best lunches I have had in a long time. After eating way too many sub-par sandwiches, my mouth knows the goods. Those goods are located at The Bricks of Ybor.

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