Benazuza & Black Hole – Cancun Restaurants

Jul 09

Benazuza & Black Hole – Cancun Restaurants


A few weeks ago, The Doc and I celebrated our fifth(!) wedding anniversary. It was timed perfectly, as Spencer was just finishing up his second year of residency, and it had been a few particularly grueling months. That guy needed a break, stat! So, after much research, we opted to fly to Cancun and stay at an all-inclusive resort for six glorious nights. The hotel, Grand Oasis Sens, had a few issues, but the food on site was beyond good. I am sharing a few pics at my two favorite restaurants from the week.


First up is Benazuza. While doing all of my research for the trip, I was most excited about this restaurant. It pops up on all of the top lists as a must-eat place. The reservation system was a little subpar at our hotel (you couldn’t reserve anything more than one day in advance, thus causing a bum rush every morning at 8:00 when they started making reservations downstairs). Luckily, we were staying in a Sian Ka’an suite, and a meal at Benazuza was included with our stay. Score!

We kicked off our experience with some specialty cocktails. Our super cool bartender was perfect at presentation and would often ask us what we were tasting before he revealed the ingredients. I felt like I was on Top Chef! My favorite was the Mojito. The jello-ish stuff was the rum, there was brown sugar for a crunch, and then you bit into the lime. Brilliant.


A close second was watching Spencer “drink” a liquid nitrogen cocktail, and subsequently turn into a dragon from Game of Thrones for a memorable moment.

From the bar, we were seated and thus proceeded to eat a 20+ course meal. Each bite was beautifully presented and carefully explained. There was no sense of being rushed, enjoyment and exploration were encouraged. There were snacks, tapas, main courses, pre-dessert, dessert, and morphings. I loved the beginning and ending courses the most. The Husband and I agree, this was the best meal we have ever had … And that is saying a lot.




One of the mains, ‘Black Fish’


The lime...not a lime.

The lime…not a lime.

The cherry...not a cherry.

The cherry…not a cherry.

For the night of our actual anniversary (the 23rd, for you MJ fans) we dared to try Black Hole. There are not any pictures of our meal, at all, which may be a first for me. Black Hole is a completely blind tasting experience. When we first checked in, I have to admit, I freaked out just a little bit. The host said to me, “It’s going to get weird in there.” Yikes. Luckily, I had The Doc’s hand to hold and the white wine was plentiful. We walked in and were seated in a waiting room. It was pitch black! The process was explained (mostly just reminding us to turn off the cell phones and have fun) and then we were seated at our table for two. Getting there was fun! Pitch black I say! I calmed down and let myself enjoy the process, with an open mind. Over twenty courses were served; our fantastic waiter told us which bite to eat first. He then would come back, have us guess at what we just put in our guacamole holes, then he would tell us what we ate. We were served cocktails, snacks, seafood, meats, pre-desserts, and desserts. It was a truly one-of-a-kind hole

Both restaurants provided us with detailed, dated menus, a perk that I absolutely love. What has been your best vacation or anniversary meal? I would love to hear all about it!

Room with a pool...and a view.

Room with a pool…and a view.


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