Before the Fall – Noah Hawley

Jun 24

Before the Fall – Noah Hawley

For my birthday this year my husband gave me a membership to the Book of the Month Club. Let me just say, this has been the greatest gift ever. There is nothing finer than reading through each month’s selections, making my choice, and then eagerly waiting for the book to show up. When it does, I rub my little reader hands together and excitedly open the box. The packaging is always perfect, and there is usually a little goodie in the box (tattoo, postcard, ring pop) to elevate the experience to that next level. Pure book geek bliss.

Noah Hawley‘s Before the Fall is a study in fate. The fate here is what brought eleven people to a private plane flying from Martha’s Vineyard to New York City. The plane crashes, and we are left wondering why only two survived, and just exactly how everyone ended up on that plane. The stories of each individual were intriguing, and I was definitely not exactly sure what happened until the very end. This is a fast paced book, perfect for summer, just don’t take it on the plane with you.

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Happy reading!

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