Basil-Blue Cheeseburger – Baja Brewing Co. – Cabo San Lucas

Apr 14

Basil-Blue Cheeseburger – Baja Brewing Co. – Cabo San Lucas

A perfect recent Tuesday found the Sandwich Gal in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Every year since college (Montana State, represent!) my best friends and I have always met up for Spring Break. It is a treasured tradition, and a much needed form of therapy. We will be 80 and still meeting up for cocktails and conversation. My friend Allison has a second home in Cabo and invited us to join her for some fun in the sun. I flew in from Florida, Allison arrived from Montana, and Stacy came in from Colorado. I was coming off of one crappy week and was overjoyed to see those girls.
We thought it fitting that we ended up at the Baja Brewing Co. It was a little bit of home smack dab in the middle of gorgeous Cabo. The brewery was founded by some Colorado boys. The food was delicious, the beer was incredible.

As I am a big fan of the fruity beers, I went with the Baja Razz.  It was comforting to my soul, and my sunburn.  Nothing quite compares to having a cold one with your besties in the middle of a weekday afternoon.

As a starter, the onion rings we ordered were greasy perfection.

Allison and Stacy both opted for the Tortilla Soup, filled with huge hunks of avocado.

My favorite item of the day was my soup pick, the Sea Bass Corn Bisque.  It was creamy and decadent.

The friendly waitstaff was happy to split the burger for Stacy and me.  Creamy blue cheese, cherry tomatoes, a slice of apple, and basil topped the burger that was served on a cheddar and onion bun.

We ended the day being wholly inappropriate with the company’s mascot.

I can’t wait to go back and find the perfect torta.    Until then, I shall just count myself blessed to have these amazing friends.



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