Bad Boys to Go

Nov 08

Wow…I am not sure who put this porn in the teacher’s lounge at school…but thanks!!  (…Said the single girl in a sarcastic voice…)  This is a collection of 3 short what I like to call fairy tales for the adult single gal.  Story #1 is Bringing Up Baby by Lori Foster.  Bad Boy Gil had a torrid one weekend affair that results in a baby.  He falls for Anabel, the woman who has actually been raising his child.  They have a giant bunch of dirty sex and live happily ever after.  Story #2 is The Wilde One by Janelle Denison (oh you ladies and your clever word play!) is about Adrian Wilde, a bad boy who has been wronged by a lady and is not about to let his walls down.  Until….he has a giant bunch of dirty sex and falls in love over a weekend with the feisty Chayse.  Story #3 is Going After Adam by Nancy Warren.  This story focuses on Bad Boy Adam..who is on the run and tracked down by PI Gretchen (who may be the worst PI ever).  But it is okay…because….wait for it….Spoiler Alert!  They have a giant bunch of dirty sex and live happily ever after.  A girl has to read this type of goodness every once and awhile; the men are gorgeous, the sex is perfect, and these guys just want to marry you…after one weekend.

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