Austin’s Awesome Addition

Aug 09

Austin’s Awesome Addition

How to paint a perfect day? Discover a new favorite sandwich place while simultaneously meeting your 11 month old niece for the first time. Throw in two fantastic brothers, the world’s sweetest sister in law, and a scenic Colorado backdrop, and you are good to go. Last Friday I was lucky enough to meet my new favorite baby, Emerson, and have lunch at Fiona’s in Fort Collins. The place boasts gourmet baked goods, too many sandys to choose from, and a decidedly homey vibe. I went with the #40. Roast turkey, maple cream cheese, & caramelized onions served up on English Muffin bread. That maple cream cheese was an amazing sandwich glue that played perfectly off of those onions. I also snagged a bite of my brother Rhett’s # 42, Dan’s Happy Camper, my hands down favorite of the day. Grilled chicken, bacon, raspberry/chipotle sauce and Brie on panini grilled sourdough…Incredible! Tracie had the #48, Sandy’s Western BLT. It came with a nice kick of green chilies and red pepper mayo, balanced out by avocado. I missed out on a bite of Casey’s, as he was a hungry guy and I was too slow. The best part of all of the sandwiches was the side. Sweet potato fries served in a big glop of some kind of yogurt/honey dip. Tracie and I decided we could kill a good amount of said dip with a spoon. All in all, a day to keep in the memory bank, and a place to add to my list of quality delicatessens.

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  1. Fiona’s is my fav-o-rite sandy joint! Come back so we can lick that yogurt sauce clean!

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