American Gods – Neil Gaiman

Aug 26

American Gods – Neil Gaiman

When my brother Casey recommends a book, I know I am in for a unique, intricate, and cerebral ride. This story by Neil Gaiman did not disappoint. My only other exposure to this author was The Ocean at the End of the Lane. This tale was vastly different from anything I have read in a long time, and I find myself still moving the parts around in my head, days after finishing the book.

Shadow finds himself fresh out of prison with a recently dead wife and an unsolicited job offer from a man called Wednesday. He becomes a driver, bodyguard, and all-around second in command for his new boss. While he works, he learns that his boss is not quite what he seems and that America is currently at the center of a battle of epic proportions, with unbelievable characters at every turn.

I absolutely love the way that Gaiman peppers the story with tales from the Gods from many moons ago. I also adore the many paths and tours Shadow takes around this great nation. I am a big fan of the epic road trip, and this tale is a quiet nod to the road less traveled. The writing is often thought provoking and sublime. There are subplots upon subplots, and they all seem to find a way back together through Gods, religion, country roads, and coin tricks.

“Religions are places to stand and look and act, vantage points from which to view the world.”

This book also falls in line with the rest of my summer; I read a book, I watch the series. We just completed The Handmaid’s Tale (so well done, so fracking scary) and 13 Reasons Why (very poignant but way too drawn out). What is on your binge watching list?!

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Reading at the gym, so that I can pretend I am not there. 🙂

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