Out of Africa – Karen Blixen

Apr 30

Out of Africa – Karen Blixen

I really, really wanted to love this book.

I did not.

This book was given to me by my mother in law; she is a voracious reader and highly respected by this gal. She loves this book and the movie. Way, way too much nature and disjointed sadness for me. Karen Blixen’s (aka Isak Dinesen) memoir tells the tale of her abandonment by her husband on a coffee farm in Africa. She does the best she can to make the farm a success. Some of the stories of the natives were enjoyable (I always love learning about other cultures and rituals) but overall it was just not my cup of tea. Or coffee. Lots of trophy hunting, creatures, unfair treatment of natives, and heartbreaking deaths.

Karen Blixen is an impressive woman; I cannot imagine being able to survive at all in the conditions she described.



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