A Visit From the Goon Squad – Jennifer Egan

May 30

This novel by Jennifer Egan marks my first foray into the world of the Nook.  This character based study won the Pulitzer Prize for fiction.  The story reads like what I would imagine would be a good drug trip down memory lane.  That lane involves Bennie, a music industry big wig with some odd habits (ie lacing one’s drinks with gold flakes)  who used to be part of the punk scene in the 70s.  The story jumps from one pernicious character to the next; everyone is represented….from groupies to suicidal kids to movie stars involved in rape trials to hot cleptomaniacs…they are all here!!  The writing kept me spellbound, the absence of substantial story crossover kept me off balance, and the music made me smile.  I highly recommend this book;  Mrs. Egan is an extremely gifted weaver of words.  Although it may have been a terrible choice to read on the Nook as there were several very entertaining pages that cleverly included tables/charts/slides that were very hard to read electronically.  Or maybe I am just old school. 🙂

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