A Land More Kind Than Home – Wiley Cash

Jul 03

A Land More Kind Than Home – Wiley Cash

This novel is the first for author Wiley Cash. (Doesn’t that name scream The South?!) The story is expertly told and remarkably disturbing. This haunting tale based deep in the sticks of North Carolina is told through the eyes of three characters. The central figure is Jess, a precocious boy of nine. His best friend is his older brother, a mute named Stump. The boys see an act they should not have witnessed. That incident sets in motion a chain of irrevocable events, all connected to a back-woods church. The church is headed by one giant creeper named Carson Chambliss. He is the exact opposite of a good pastor. We meet him through the eyes of Adelaide, an older lady who is part doctor, part social worker, over the church’s new direction, and all mountain woman. Tying the story together is the town sheriff Clem, who has his own sad story to tell. Prepare yourself mentally for way too many snakes (deep breaths) and superb visual imagery. Clem states, “I knew there were hollers in places below me where it had been dark for almost an hour, but up here on the ridge the sun was struggling to be remembered….” Priceless. That almost makes up for the horrors happening to children and the snakes.

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