On Writing -Stephen King

Feb 03

On Writing -Stephen King

On Writing is an interesting take on a ‘how-to’ book by the incomparable Stephen King. The first half of the book is a memoir, of sorts. Mr. King relates stories from his own life that helped to shape and craft him as a writer. As one would expect, these are equal parts laugh out loud funny, scary, heart breaking, and cringe-worthy. Our personal history is what defines us; many of life’s happenings, for writers, find a way of popping up in our stories.

The second half of the book is the tool box section. This is practical, common sense advice for aspiring authors. The biggest take-away: you must read and write voraciously. There were many other good tips, but that was the bulk of what was discussed.

You may notice far fewer (and shorter in length) book reviews from me this year. I read 102 books last year (I did reviews for all but probably two of them) and while that gave me a great feeling of accomplishment, that endeavor took a giant chunk out of my writing time. Later this year (I am thinking summer) I am going to phase out SandBookWich all together. (I will keep the reviews live, I just won’t be adding any new content.) It has been a great ride, and I have met some fantastic folks along the way. I have new ideas simmering, and I need to focus on building content for that undertaking, which will be rolled out some time later this year. I will also continue writing my short stories, my children’s grammar books, and potentially a novel.

Stay tuned.


Jabba and me, feeling inspired.

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