Ode to Pimiento Cheese

Jul 02

Ode to Pimiento Cheese

You never know where life will lead you. Five years ago, I was a single gal living in Florida. I would bemoan to anyone who would listen about the trials and tribulations of the dating world. My brother Rhett always said I should have blogged about that nonsense; he dubbed it “HugAndRun.com”, as that was my signature move.

Lucky’s Burger & Brew

Fried Pimiento Cheese Bites

Fried Pimiento Cheese Bites



Then it all changed. I went on a date with a guy who was not perfect for me on paper, but it turned out that he was exactly perfect for me in the real world. We just celebrated our third anniversary. Let me tell you a little secret: marriage is fantastic. That wonderful (and crazy smart) man became a doctor in April. As the system dictates, he interviewed for several residency positions. On a magical Friday known as Match Day, we found out that Spencer would be taking his Internal Medicine skills to Atlanta.




Pimiento Mac & Cheese

Pimiento Mac & Cheese

In a two month span, we packed it all up, rented out our Florida pad, and moved into what I like to call our own personal Shangri-La. We keep saying to each other that we basically moved into a nice hotel.

The Fickle Pickle

The Ooey Gooey- PC with bacon and pepper jelly.

The Ooey Gooey- PC with bacon and pepper jelly.

And then there is the cheese. Seriously, I am comprised of approximately 23% pimiento cheese at this point. (Here is a great article from Virginia Wills about the great pimento/pimiento spelling debate.) Luckily for me, Shangri-La has a two story gym.

Flying Biscuit Café

Southern Style Biscuit Benedict

Southern Style Biscuit Benedict

Is it all sunshine and roses? Well, of course not. There are growing pains (new job to find, hoops to jump through, feeling a little blogger-lost, that doctor schedule is cray-zay, and traffic!), but we luckily have a few members of my husband’s family here to point us in the right direction, and most importantly we have each other.

Smash Kitchen & Bar


Deviled Eggs with House Pickles and Crispy Bacon Strips


The good doc writes a poem for me about once a month. I thought I would share his May effort, as it seems highly apropos.

Get up and run!
Fulfill our mind’s eye.
Prepare without thought …
Take the chance to not stay,
To not be forever the same,
But to grow and sprout –
Like the flowers of Spring,
Never complacent as they bloom and recast their beauty each year.

Our season has come,
We are ripe and ready to run,
The wind is at our back;
The sun lighting our way.
Follow me on the road,
The highway to our dreams …
‘Tis time to leave,
So let’s go.

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Flying Biscuit
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Fickle Pickle
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  1. Can’t wait to read more of your ATL adventures! You’ll find your way, soon!

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