Best Friends Forever

Sep 14

Best Friends Forever

This book by Jennifer Weiner is an intricate tale of two best friends, Addie and Valerie.  Their childhood friendship is sweet and familiar; Addie is overweight, shy, and has two loving parents.  Valerie is outgoing, pretty, and has a flaky single mother.  The friendship crap hits the fan in highschool, as is often the case.  Due to a sketchy sexual situation, the friendship ends, mostly due to Valerie.  Fastforward to adulthood: the gals haven’t spoken in years, until the night of the class reunion.  The story is mildly entertaining and somewhat thought provoking.  I had a hard time relating to the term “Best Friend” here.  I have been blessed with the same best friend for over 24 years, and I am pretty sure if I had done to her what Valerie did to Addie, the term would not apply.  Here’s hoping that your friendships have an easier path and a more solid foundation than the one described here.

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